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mud tires

Mud Tires

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33 Inch Tires


33 Inch Tires for Above-Ground Navigation

Tires are more than just cosmetic improvements for those who are looking to seriously upgrade their truck or vehicle. Tires are the heart of the car that can improve the overall ride of the vehicle and get you out of some serious tough spots. For anyone who's been stuck in the mud, you know how important quality mud tires can be.

Certain truck owners might opt for larger rims and wheels using anywhere up to 33 inch tires. Although this does lend a substantial amount of aggressiveness to your ride, the benefits of larger wheels and tires are more significant than just appearances.

Driving off-road means bumpy and uneven terrain. Smaller wheel diameters mean a lower ground clearance, making the underside of your vehicle vulnerable every time it pitches around after a bump. A higher ground clearance provided by 33 inch tires and wheels means the truck rides higher above the ground and will have an easier time navigating through the mud, sand, rocks, and other various terrain.

Mud Terrain Tires from Pro Comp feature an aggressive design and extra traction provided through 90 degree interlocking center tread - not normally found on mud tires. They can also be taken onto the snow and mud, as they come pre-drilled for studs. They are surprisingly quiet on street conditions, even at higher speeds, eliminating the tendency of mud tires to wander off course at higher speeds.


The 33 inch 12.50R15 Baja MTZ Radial tires provide a quieter ride under normal driving conditions while providing traction needed to tackle the mud, and other off-road driving conditions. Smoother surfaces such as ice are also no problem for the Baja MTZ Radials as it features sipped lugs for even better grip. High void lugs are self-cleaning in the mud, while 3 ply construction in the sidewall and 6 ply construction for the tread provide cut resistance and aggressive traction in the mud or snow.


Interco Tire Corporation's 33/12.50-16.5 Super Swamper TSL Tires feature the patented TSL tread pattern that has become known for its quick bite and rapid self-cleaning. Providing maximum traction in mud or snow, these bias ply tires are a staple when it comes to off-roading. These perfectly street-legal tires have durable tread with traction that grabs at the surface. While they do generate a lot of noise on street surfaces and wear out quite a bit faster, this should be expected for a tire in this category. With aggressive looks and high performance you would expect a higher price, however the Super Swamper TSL Tires are a great steal for the owner who is looking to make that first significant upgrade from stock to aftermarket truck tires.



mud tires

Types of Tires:

  • Mud Tires can be your lifesaver in extreme driving conditions where there is excess mud and a high chance of your vehicle getting stuck.
  • ATV Tires are for sand, dirt, mud, water, and trail off roading terrain - just to name a few.

Having the appropriate tires for your vehicle and terrain will help ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


Tire Tread Pattern

mud tires

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Tip of the day:

If you get stuck in the mud, don't continue to spin the wheels in hopes of getting unstuck. Find rocks or gravel and put it near the wheel and try to rock the car out by pressing gently on the gas, then releasing.

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