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mud tires

Mud Tires

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4x4 Mud Tires


For A Rough Ride, Consider 4x4 Mud Tires

Have you been searching for 4x4 mud tires? As you know, tires are essential to keep your vehicle performing at an optimum level. You will want to get superior tires on your vehicle if you are looking for tires that will get you through snow, mud, ice, or over a rough road.

After you research which kind of tires will meet your needs, you will be able to purchase them over the internet or at your local auto store. This article will provide you with some suggestions that will help you decide on the best 4x4 mud tires for your needs.

1. MT 4x4 Mud Tires by Road Venture

With excellent street handling and not a lot of road sound, these mud tires are a great choice. You can get them in sizes between 31 inches x 10 1/2 inches x 15 inches and 38 inches x 14 inches x 24 inches. These can be purchased from West KY Customs for as low as $155 for each tire up to $600 for each tire based on what size you need. You can also purchase an additional road hazard warranty.

2. Rover 4x4 Mud Tires by Dunlop

With a C load range, these mud tires can handle speeds to 106 MPH. You can purchase these tires from Tires-Easy and are identified by white-outlined lettering. You can get these tires for as low as $120 for each tire. They are not recommended for ice, but work well in snow and mud.

3. King XT 4x4 Mud Tires by Cavalier.

These tires can be identified with white raised lettering on one side of the tire, and European raised lettering on the other side, and can handle speeds to 99 MPH. As with the previous tires, these have a C load range. You can purchase them from Tire-Easy for as low as $160 for each tire. If you take your vehicle off-road on a frequent basis, these are thought to be a great buy.

4. Buckshot Mudder 4x4 Mud Tires by Maxxis

With a C load range, these are 4x4 wheeler tires for all seasons. They can be identified with white-outlined lettering, and can handle speeds up to 99 MPH. You can purchase these tires from Tires-Easy for as low as $145 for each tire. These tires are supposed to be strong and sturdy. They are an excellent choice for most road situations.

Regardless of where you take your vehicle, off-road or on, you will be able to find the kind of tire that's right for your vehicle.

Determine your vehicle's specs, and then decide which tires will fit your vehicle. If you put the incorrect tires on your vehicle, you will not be driving safely. After you determine your vehicle's specs, locating the right tires will be simple.


mud tires

Types of Tires:

  • Mud Tires can be your lifesaver in extreme driving conditions where there is excess mud and a high chance of your vehicle getting stuck.
  • ATV Tires are for sand, dirt, mud, water, and trail off roading terrain - just to name a few.

Having the appropriate tires for your vehicle and terrain will help ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


Tire Tread Pattern

mud tires

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Tip of the day:

If you get stuck in the mud, don't continue to spin the wheels in hopes of getting unstuck. Find rocks or gravel and put it near the wheel and try to rock the car out by pressing gently on the gas, then releasing.

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