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mud tires

Mud & ATV Tire Info


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Mud tires are specially designed tires that have more space between the tire tread, also known as void, which helps push mud and water away from the tire providing more traction with the road. It might sound a little confusing, but the goal behind Mud King Tires is simple, keep drivers safe.


How Mud Tires Work

If you're on the market for Mud King Tires, you'll need some basic information on mud tires to begin with. The thick rubber part of the tire that comes in contact with the road is called tread. The lugs, voids, grooves, and sipes are the shapes that make up the tread pattern.

  • Lugs are the main part of the tread pattern that contacts the road and can be nonsymmetrical in size to minimize the noise they create.
  • Voids are the small spaces between the lugs that allow the lug to expand, forcing water away.
  • Grooves are the portion of the tread pattern that pushes water away from the tire and they run circumferentially.
  • Sipes are similar to grooves but they run perpendicular pushing water away from the sides of the tire and can help prevent hydroplaning.

Mud off road tires, as compared to road tires, have high voids which push water and mud away providing more grip with the road. As the wheels spin through the mud, the self-cleaning action allows the lugs to come down clear of mud so that there is better traction for the next rotation.

When Should I Use Mud Tires

Street specific tires are designed to put as much tread in contact with the ground, providing more traction and a quieter ride at highway speeds. A mud tire is especially designed to be used off road in dirt and mud. Their special tread pattern is designed to minimize the amount of surface area the tire has with the ground. With this in mind, mud tires should be used for off road purposes with minimal on road use. Mud tires are not recommended for street driving as the wider spaces between lugs mean less contact with the street itself, making it less stable at higher speeds. Driving at high speeds on highways can be dangerous as the tire has limited contact with the road.

BF Goodrich Mud King Tires

The Mud King XT by BF Goodrich is a mud tire that tries to be good at everything else. While it does actually do "okay" in various driving conditions, its disadvantage is that it is a middle of the road tire that excels at nothing. The voids between lugs are spaced out enough to aid in self-cleaning through muddy conditions. The lugs themselves provide decent mud traction. There is however a lack of wrap around the tread, and the low ply rating and aired down sidewalls make it quite vulnerable. On the highway, Mud King XT does perform remarkable well for a mud tire on street. The cost is around $130 to $150 dollars.

Interco Mud Tires

The TrXus Mud Terrain tire, made by Interco Tire Corporation, attempts to compete directly with other tires companies such as BF Goodrich and deliver a mud tire that works well on street while excelling on off-road mud conditions. Many of Interco's tires have exceptional designs and the TrXus Mud Terrain is no different. TrXus utilizes a three stage lug design that works great not only on mud, but sand, rocks, snow, loose terrain, and changing wooded trails. The center lugs allow for a better self-cleaning and release of mud, while the sidewalls are protected by a supplemental tread that helps grip as well as reduce sidewall damage. The cost is around $140 to $160 dollars.

Pro Comp Mud Tires

While not revolutionary, Pro Comp's Mud Terrain tires have a moderately aggressive design, giving them an edge over other brands competing in this market. Open and interlocking twin high void lugs, as well as the 90-degree checked siping pattern provide better traction in wet weather and help bite into rocks and hard surfaces. The tire takes longer to wear out thanks to the cooler running made possible by Pro Comp's DualGuard sidewall compound tread. Construction with 2-ply makes for less heat and more flex, while 3-ply is more puncture resistance. The Pro Comp Mud Terrain tires retail at around $160 to $180.

ATV Tires

ATVs, also known as All-Terrain-Vehicles, are generally used off road in trail exploring, hunting, farming, sand and for recreation use. Their small design offers more off road freedom to travel into the great unknown. ATV tires are a critical component to the usability and safety of passengers. Whether you own a utility ATV or sports ATV, you'll want to ensure you get the right tires.

There are several companies and brands of ATV tires that we have researched, including:

Reading ATV tire reviews can be a great way to learn with tire is appropriate for you and your vehicle.


mud tires

Types of Tires:

  • Mud Tires can be your lifesaver in extreme driving conditions where there is excess mud and a high chance of your vehicle getting stuck.
  • ATV Tires are for sand, dirt, mud, water, and trail off roading terrain - just to name a few.

Having the appropriate tires for your vehicle and terrain will help ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


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mud tires

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Tip of the day:

If you get stuck in the mud, don't continue to spin the wheels in hopes of getting unstuck. Find rocks or gravel and put it near the wheel and try to rock the car out by pressing gently on the gas, then releasing.

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